Patient Care

Skin Cancer/Melanoma

Specialized Services/Treatment

  • A multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Tumor Board to discuss complex patient issues. This board includes medical, radiation and surgical oncology as well as diagnostic radiology and Pathology. Also available, as needed, are plastic and reconstructive surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery, physical therapy, lymphedema specialists, nutrition, social work and financial services.   
  • New lymphatic mapping agents that provide sentinel node identification with less discomfort when injected.
  • Treatment of all skin cancers sites including cutaneous, head and neck sites, ocular and mucosal-based locations.
  • Mohs surgery for non-melanoma skin cancers.
  • Targeted molecular therapy and chemotherapy options for advanced Basal cell and Squamous cell cancer.
  • Radiation treatment as primary treatment alternative or as adjuvant therapy to surgery.
  • Isolated limb infusion for locally advanced and in-transit extremity skin cancers. 
  • Clinical trials evaluating new adjuvant therapies for high risk skin cancer and melanoma patients and new combinations and sequences of immune system and molecular-targeted agents.
  • Immunologic therapies including High Dose IL-2, vaccine and checkpoint blockade inhibition.
  • Genetic expression profiling to improve prognosis determination and personalize follow-up and imaging protocols.
  • Targeted therapy such as Braf and MEK inhibition.
  • Collaboration with basic scientists investigating melanocyte function and melanoma development.
  • Genetic counseling when appropriate.