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Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient Gains New Lease on Life With Help From UC Docs

Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient Gains New Lease on Life With Help From UC Docs Over Thanksgiving 2016, Paul Glasser, 34, thought that a seasonal cold or theflu finally struck him, as he noticed he was losing his voice.


Stem Cell Vaccine Found to Increase Immune Responses, Inhibit Tumors

UC researchers found that an engineered cancer stem cell vaccine caused T cellproduction in animal models and enhanced immune responses against tumors.


Clinical Trial Looks at Targeted Genetic Therapies for Lung Cancer

Researchers at UC are enrolling patients in a clinical trial looking attargeted gene therapies in patients with early stage lung cancer who have hadsurgery.


Free Symposium Educates on the Latest in Lung Cancer Research, Treatment

To showcase advances in lung cancer research, screening and treatment, the UCCancer Institute's Lung Cancer Center will host a free community event Oct. 1.


Multidisciplinary Team Diagnoses Patient With Two Separate Lung Cancers

Barbara Sowder, 65, says that in the fall of 2014 she had a cough that she justcouldn't shake, but she attributed it to pesky allergies.


Patient Attributes Phase 1 Clinical Trial, Research to Keeping Him Alive

Roy Hartman, 74, a Milford, Ohio, resident says what he thought was pneumoniasent him to urgent care on Christmas Eve 2012.


Focus On Research With Jiajie Diao, PhD

Jiajie Diao, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Cancer Biologywho is developing a type of microscope to detect early stage cancer.


Cancer Biology Researcher Named 2015 AAAS Fellow

Carolyn Price, PhD, is being honored for her contributions to the field oftelomere biology as a 2015 fellow in the American Association for theAdvancement of Science.