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Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center

Lung Cancer Screening

The UC Cancer Institute Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center offers a screening program for people at risk for lung cancer. Individuals who have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for more than 20 years and those with a prior lung cancer diagnosis are considered at increased risk according to the World Health Organization.

In 2011, the National Cancer Institute’s National Lung Cancer Screening Trial—a national, multi-institutional clinical research study—published findings in the New England Journal of Medicine supporting lung computed tomography (CT) scans as an effective lung cancer screening tool for a high-risk patient population. The study showed that when heavy smokers were screened with low-radiation dose CT scans versus traditional chest X-rays, people experienced 20 percent fewer lung cancer deaths.

Traditional chest X-ray produces a flat, two-dimensional picture. With CT scanning, the X-ray tube is rotated around the patient during the imaging test to create a 3-D picture of the chest. This allows lung cancer specialists to view the lungs once “slice” at a time—from multiple angles not possible with traditional X-ray. Nodules that are too small to show up on a chest X-ray are more likely to be detected and specialists can more accurately follow up on concerning lesions.

The UC Cancer Institute offers screening under the guidance of a clinical protocol and capitalizes on input from the entire multidisciplinary lung cancer team to ensure the most accurate results for the patient. We are the only multidisciplinary team with expertise in lung cancer screening. 

  • Screening Locations

Lung cancer screening is performed at UC Health facilities throughout Cincinnati. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 513-584-LUNG (5864). 

University of Cincinnati Medical Center (formerly University Hospital)
234 Goodman St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

UC Health Physicians Office North/University Pointe Imaging Center
7690 Discovery Dr.
West Chester, Ohio 45069

UC Health Drake Center
151 West Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

UC Health Physicians Office Clifton Imaging Center
222 Piedmont Ave., Suite 2100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219