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T Cell Channel Could Be Targeted to Treat Head and Neck Cancers

T Cell Channel Could Be Targeted to Treat Head and Neck Cancers Researchers at UC have discovered that an ion channel, active within T cells(white blood cells), could be targeted to reduce the growth of head and neckcancers.


Cincinnati Children's/UC Health Proton Therapy Center Open for Cancer Care

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and UC Health are bringingadvanced cancer care for pediatric and adult patients with the region's firstProton Therapy Center.


Type 2 Diabetes Drug Could Be Beneficial for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Allowing slower escalation of doses of a Type 2 diabetes drug, along withchemotherapy and radiation treatments, in head and neck cancer patients couldbe beneficial.


Patient Survives Stage IV, Inoperable Throat Cancer Thanks to UC Trial

It took a white lie to get David Polisini, 79, to a doctor in 2004, aftermonths of being unable to swallow.


Cancer-Causing Gene Found in Plasma May Help Predict Outcomes for Patients

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have discovered that a humancancer-causing gene, called DEK, can be detected in the plasma of head and neckcancer patients.


Cancer Team Awarded Grant to Study Mutation Panel for Personalized Therapy

A team led by Scott Langevin, PhD, was awarded a $146,693 grant from the ElsaU. Pardee Foundation to study a mutation sequencing panel for patients withhead and neck cancer.


Retreat Brings Cancer Researchers, Clinicians Together for Collaboration

To foster collaboration among researchers and physicians with the goal ofimproving cancer outcomes, the Cancer Biology and Hematology Oncology JointRetreat was held Nov. 14.


Nurse Navigators Help Guide Patients Through Treatment for Better Outcomes

The UC Cancer Institute has hired nurse navigators in the head and neck, breastand lung cancer centers to help patients in overcoming their disease.