Patient Care

Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Cancer Center


The University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Cancer Center combines treatment of cancers such as intestinal, pancreatic, stomach, liver and other cancers of the GI tract with research leading to the development of more effective treatments for these cancers. 

Our clinicians and basic and translational scientists are pooling their expertise to identify challenges and to develop new approaches to gastrointestinal cancers. The group meets regularly to discuss common interests and plan new strategies for understanding these cancers and to identify and new ways to diagnose their cause to develop new strategies for treatment.

Specific expertise exists in the study of metabolism autophagy pathways, DNA repair and genomic instability in cancer development and progression; Sonic Hedgehog and its loss via inflammation or disease contributing to molecular changes that are crucial to development of gastric cancer; asTF—a protein that promotes vessel growth and recruitment of pro-inflammatory white cells—is highly expressed in PDAC but not in normal pancreas; and liver cancer.