Patient Care

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center


The University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center is truly dedicated to excellence in research, education and clinical care, and multidisciplinary teams within the center are working together daily to make the connection between the scientific labs and the patient treatment clinics for superior, cutting-edge patient care regionally.

Researchers within the center continue to gain competitive funding from sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Cancer Society, as well as important local sources like Ride Cincinnati, to initiate and continue studies looking at the molecular and cellular pathways, biomarkers and mechanisms that lead to breast cancer as well as new cellular and drug targets to stop cancer in its tracks.

The team is continuously publishing scientific manuscripts in high-impact national medical journals in an effort to share knowledge and facilitate new concepts that will impact clinical care for breast cancer.

Additionally, our scientists are working to protect you by examining the environmental factors—in everyday surroundings and products—that could play a part in breast cancer development.

Members of the comprehensive breast team are leading the research that results in Food and Drug Administration approval of drugs, techniques and technologies for best patient outcomes. As an example, tomosynthesis technology, a 3D mammography technique which allows experts to image breast tissue in one-millimeter slices, began first in clinical trials at UC. This technology provides greater visibility of the breast tissue, increasing accuracy and decreasing the need to call patients back for extra imaging. Now, the tomosynthesis technique is part of best practices for breast cancer imaging nationally.

The connection between researchers and clinicians is what makes the UC Cancer Institute unique and sets breast cancer experts at the institute apart from other centers in the region.