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Researchers Discover New Combination Brain, Blood Cancer Therapy Strategy

Researchers Discover New Combination Brain, Blood Cancer Therapy Strategy Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine havediscovered a new potential strategy to personalize therapy for brain and bloodcancers.


Researcher Receives Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar Award

Jianjun Chen, PhD, received a $550,000 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ScholarAward to support research looking at the role of TET1 protein in acute myeloidleukemia.


Obesity-Associated Protein Could Be Linked to Leukemia Development

Cancer researchers have found an obesity-associated protein's role in leukemiadevelopment and drug response which could lead to more effective therapies forthe illness.


10th Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Patient Back to Golfing Thanks to UC

Retired Pastor Dennis Rebennack, 68, or "Den" to his friends and family,doesn't claim to be a golf pro, but that's never stopped him from playing thegame.


3 Cancer and Cell Biology Grad Students Receive Federal F31 Research Awards

Three graduate students in the UC College of Medicine's Cancer and Cell BiologyGraduate Program have received F31 awards from the NIH.


MicroRNA Pathway Could Lead to New Avenues for Leukemia Treatment

Cancer researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found a particularsignaling route in microRNA (miR-22) that could lead to targets for acutemyeloid leukemia.


Lymphoma Survivor Uses Oncofertility Service, Parents Twins

A new father to 11-month-old twins, Adam Crosby, 31, says his favorite thingabout fatherhood is the look on his daughters' faces when he comes home from along day.


Cancer Biology Researcher Named 2015 AAAS Fellow

Carolyn Price, PhD, is being honored for her contributions to the field oftelomere biology as a 2015 fellow in the American Association for theAdvancement of Science.