Patient Care

Neurologic Complications of Cancer

Earlier cancer diagnoses and advances in treatment have resulted in more patients living beyond cancer. This increase in survivorship has also resulted in increased neurologic complications from cancer therapies.

In partnership with the Brain Tumor Center and UC College of Medicine Department of Neurology, the UC Cancer Institute now offers a dedicated clinic for management of the neurologic complications of cancer, both acute and chronic. Common side effects of cancer treatment include chronic headaches, loss of feeling in fingers/feet/face, seizures—all of which impact quality of life. The majority of neurologic complications from cancer occur during the course of treatment, which can greatly impact the patient’s morale and quality-of-life.

Traditionally, oncologists manage the neurologic side effects of cancer treatment. When they can no longer offer help, patients are typically referred to a general neurologist. It can be a slow process, all while the patient needs help now.

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