Clinical Trials

About the Phase 1 Experimental Therapeutics Program

The Phase 1 Experimental Therapeutics Program is a phase-1 clinical trial unit based at the UC Cancer Institute and UC Health. The program offers discovery-driven new cancer treatment options only available in an experimental (phase-1) clinical trial setting.

Phase-1 clinical research trials are the first step in moving tested scientific concepts from the laboratory bench to bedside. Phase-1 trials are intended to evaluate safe dosages, method of administration (oral or injection) and frequency. Trials typically include less than 50 people and therapy is administered in a hospital setting where the patient can be monitored 24/7 by the attending physicians and support staff. 

Trials are available for patients with advanced, solid cancerous tumors that have failed standard medical therapies. Protocols are evaluated by the university’s Institutional Review Board for scientific content, safety and ethical considerations prior to implementation and throughout the trial’s conclusion.

The program is part of the Cincinnati Cancer Center, a joint cancer program involving the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and UC Health. The collaborative initiative brings together interdisciplinary research teams of caring scientists and health professionals to research and develop new cures, while providing a continuum of care for children, adults and families with cancer.

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Referral Process

For information on referring a patient to the phase-1 clinical trials unit, call (513) 584-7698 or (866) 724-CURE (2873).  

Clinical Partners

UC Health University Hospital

  • Three-bed dedicated inpatient hematology oncology care unit for administration of phase-1 clinical trial therapies
  • 24/7 medical coverage by board-certified oncology physicians and experienced nursing staff
  • Dedicated symptom management clinic as well as on-site nutrition, pastoral and rehabilitation services
  • Advanced on-site imaging services, including dynamic computed tomography (CT), dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and combination positron emission testing/CT scans

Barrett Center 

  • Outpatient care facility for short- and long-term follow-up clinical care located on the UC Academic Health Center medical campus near downtown
  • Access to sophisticated radiation oncology treatment systems, including 3-D image-guided radiation therapy, and on-site private chemotherapy units

Research Partners

The scientific content of each research protocol is based on interactive collaboration with diverse basic scientists from UC’s cancer and  cell biology department, located at the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies,  as well as scientists with UC’s Reading Campus, UC’s Center for Imaging Research and other UC laboratories, including molecular genetics, biochemistry and microbiology. A specific focus is given to the development of new biomarkers and cognitive analysis to determine individualized therapies.

Community Partners

American Cancer Society, Cincinnati Hope Lodge
The Musekamp Cincinnati Hope Lodge offers a cost-free comfortable, home-like environment for cancer patients traveling to Cincinnati for care. Adults with cancer may arrange for themselves and up to two caregivers to stay at the Hope Lodge through a referral process involving their Cincinnati-area physician, social worker or nurse. The lodge provides:

  • kitchen areas where families can cook their own meals,
  • comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and space for both cancer patients and their caregivers, and
  • an on-site chapel, exercise room and library.

Financial Counseling

For questions about billing and insurance related to phase-1 clinical trial care, call 513-584-3464. 

About Clinical Trials

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Current Phase 1 Protocols

To find a phase-1 study at the UC Cancer Institute, click here or call 513-584-7698.