Patient's Survives Stage III Melanoma Thanks to UC Cancer Team

Patient's Survives Stage III Melanoma Thanks to UC Cancer Team When a lump appeared on David Witt's neck in February 2013, he didn't think ithad anything to do with years of golfing, running and biking in the sunshine.


Concert With the Guess Who to Benefit Pancreatic Cancer Research

The Rock Out Cancer Concert featuring the Guess Who benefiting the UC CancerInstitute and GIVEHOPE will be held at 6:30 p.m. June 20, 2015, at theHorseshoe Casino.


CCC Awards $160,000 in Pilot Grants to Fund Continuing Cancer Research

For the second year, the CCC has awarded $160,000 in pilot grants to membersand basic scientists who are collaborating to find out more about variouscancers.


'Miracle' Patient Continues to Fight Cancer With Help From UC Team

In 2011, Jodi Litmon, now 45, started noticing strange things going on in herbody and that trips to the bathroom were becoming more frequent and urgent thanever before.


NCI Grant Helps Researcher Continue Work on Pancreatic Cancer

Seed funding from community organizations has helped a UC researcher securefederal support to continue studies of a novel therapeutic target forpancreatic cancer patients.


HEALTH LINE: Skin Cancer Expert Gives the 411 on Sunscreen

For Melanoma Awareness Month, Adam Ingraffea, MD, answers questions aboutsunscreen, its components and what kind of sunscreen could fit your needs.


$3 Million Gift to Propel Brain Cancer Research at UC Brain Tumor Center

A $3 million gift from the Anna and Harold W. Huffman Foundation will create anendowed chair and research program at the Brain Tumor Center at the UCNeuroscience Institute.


Starnes 1st Woman Named President-Elect for National Thoracic Organization

Sandra Starnes, MD, is the first woman to be named president-elect for theThoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA).