Patient Stomps Out Kidney Cancer Thanks to IL-2 Treatment, Healthy Living

Patient Stomps Out Kidney Cancer Thanks to IL-2 Treatment, Healthy Living Janet Fatika believes it's her dedication to staying active that's helped herovercome some big health obstacles. In March of 2015, Fatika was diagnosed withkidney cancer.


Mahoney Named Permanent Chair of UC's Department of Radiology

Mary Mahoney, MD, has been appointed chair of the Department of Radiology,effective Tuesday, Feb. 2.


Cancer Team Awarded Grant to Study Mutation Panel for Personalized Therapy

A team led by Scott Langevin, PhD, was awarded a $146,693 grant from the ElsaU. Pardee Foundation to study a mutation sequencing panel for patients withhead and neck cancer.


'Transitions in Cancer Survivorship Care' Conference March 12

The UC Cancer Institute is hosting the 2016 Cancer Survivorship Research andBest Practice Conference, titled "Transitions in Cancer Survivorship Care,"March. 12.


Pilot Grants Target Childhood Cancer, Kidney Cancer Metastasis to the Brain

Two researchers received $100,000 in pilot grants--$50,000 each--from the UCBrain Tumor Center's Molecular Therapeutics Program.


Focus On Research With Jiajie Diao, PhD

Jiajie Diao, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Cancer Biologywho is developing a type of microscope to detect early stage cancer.


Medical Scientist Training Program Student Wins ASH Award

Katelyn Melgarr eceived a 2015 Minority Graduate Student Abstract AchievementAward from the American Society of Hematology (ASH) .


Patient Diagnosed With Same Cancer as Husband, Both Begin Chemo on Same Day

Patricia Lenox is part of the second couple UC's Olugbenga Olowokure has seenfighting pancreatic cancer together.