Herzog Named New UC Cancer Institute Clinical Director

Herzog Named New UC Cancer Institute Clinical Director Thomas Herzog, MD, University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine alumnus,will be the new clinical director of the UC Cancer Institute, effective Aug. 1.


Metastatic Brain Tumor Treatment Could Be on the Horizon With SapC-DOPS Use

A new study provides hope that previously studied SapC-DOPS could be used fortreatment of brain cancer that has spread.


GIVEHOPE, BSI Grant Funds Research Examining Target for Pancreatic Cancer

Thanks to a grant from GIVEHOPE Pancreatic Cancer Research and Awareness Fundand BSI Engineering, scientists are able to study possible treatments forpancreatic cancer.


Survivor Says Cancer Screenings Are Important for Quicker Treatment

It all started with a broken tooth. Lisa Williams, 56, says after beatingNon-Hodgkin's lymphoma and enduring bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia off andon afterward, she thoug


UC, IU, OSU Form Consortium Focusing on Cancer Survivorship

UC, Indiana University and Ohio State University have formed a consortium toimprove survivorship education and delivery in this area of the Midwest.


Researchers Describe How Bacterium Irritates Gastric Tissue

New research from the University of Cincinnati describes how a bacteriuminitially interacts with and irritates gastric tissue, promoting stomach ulcersand cancer.


Research Continues on Topical Cream that Could Tan Skin, Prevent Melanoma

In 2006, UC researchers were given $1 million from the NCI to develop a topicaltreatment to tan skin and prevent melanoma. Today, research continues and apatent is pending.


HEALTH LINE: Head and Neck Cancer Education Needed, Free Screenings Offered

Keith Casper, MD, says being aware of the risks and symptoms of head and neckcancers is extremely important and that free screenings are coming up.