University's Cancer Cluster Hires Celebrated During Event Jan. 6

University's Cancer Cluster Hires Celebrated During Event Jan. 6 Four of six cancer cluster hires were celebrated in an event where leadershipfrom each of the involved colleges spoke about the momentum of this initiativemoving forward.


Breast Cancer Center Reaccredited as 'Center of Excellence' by NQMBC

The Cancer Institute's center has been reaccredited as a "Certified QualityBreast Center of Excellence" in the National Quality Measures for BreastCenters (NQMBC) Program.


Clinical Trial Looks at Proton Therapy for Anal Cancer Treatment

A clinical trial hosted at the is looking at ways proton radiation couldimprove outcomes and quality of life for patients with anal cancer.


Obesity-Associated Protein Could Be Linked to Leukemia Development

Cancer researchers have found an obesity-associated protein's role in leukemiadevelopment and drug response which could lead to more effective therapies forthe illness.


Study: Nanoparticles Could Help Overcome Treatment-Resistant Breast Cancer

UC researchers have been able to generate multifunctional RNA nanoparticlesthat could overcome treatment resistance in breast cancer, making existingtreatments effective.


Cancer Institute, Cincinnati Magazine Partner for Fundraising Competition

The UC Cancer Institute is participating in the Cincinnati GIVES challenge--aunique fundraising opportunity in partnership with Cincinnati Magazine.


97-Year-Old Pancreatic Cancer Patient Keeps Fighting With Help From UC Team

Marion Croswell, 97, says aside from being a wife and mother to her fivechildren, Croswell VIP Motorcoach Services was her life.


T Cell Channel Could Be Targeted to Treat Head and Neck Cancers

Researchers at UC have discovered that an ion channel, active within T cells(white blood cells), could be targeted to reduce the growth of head and neckcancers.