MicroRNA Pathway Could Lead to New Avenues for Leukemia Treatment

MicroRNA Pathway Could Lead to New Avenues for Leukemia Treatment Cancer researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found a particularsignaling route in microRNA (miR-22) that could lead to targets for acutemyeloid leukemia.


Multidisciplinary Team Diagnoses Patient With Two Separate Lung Cancers

Barbara Sowder, 65, says that in the fall of 2014 she had a cough that she justcouldn't shake, but she attributed it to pesky allergies.


Neuromuscular Center Able to Perform Fascicular Sciatic Nerve Biopsy

The ability to perform a delicate type of biopsy on major nerves is now one ofthe diagnostic tools available to specialists at the UC Neuroscience Institute.


Esophageal Disease Center Team Helps Patient Overcome Cancer

Elizabeth Conley, 63, believes that God guides our journey every step of theway. Part of Conley's journey, unfortunately, involved esophageal cancer.


Students Raise Funds for Prostate Cancer Research Via Mustache Calendar

Last fall, 10 first-year medical students wanted to take their dedication tothe cause a bit further and document their 'staches in the form of a calendar.


Women's History Month: Ways Female Scientists at UC Impact Their Fields

In honor of Women's History Month, we remember former female scientists andrecognize those now who are making their own mark on the field.


Focus On Research With Tom Cunningham, PhD

Tom Cunningham, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Cancer Biology,grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.


Lymphoma Survivor Uses Oncofertility Service, Parents Twins

A new father to 11-month-old twins, Adam Crosby, 31, says his favorite thingabout fatherhood is the look on his daughters' faces when he comes home from along day.