Researcher Receives $300,000 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Grant

Researcher Receives $300,000 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Grant Researchers from UC will be able to evaluate a new therapeutic approach intreating pancreatic cancer thanks to a recent grant from the Pancreatic CancerAction Network.


Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient Gains New Lease on Life With Help From UC Docs

Over Thanksgiving 2016, Paul Glasser, 34, thought that a seasonal cold or theflu finally struck him, as he noticed he was losing his voice.


Stem Cell Vaccine Found to Increase Immune Responses, Inhibit Tumors

UC researchers found that an engineered cancer stem cell vaccine caused T cellproduction in animal models and enhanced immune responses against tumors.


Trial and Error: Researchers Publish Findings From First UC Phase I Trial

UC researchers published a study, the first from the Phase I program whichbegan in 2010, which unfortunately didn't have great outcomes but that taughtthem a lot.


Grace Project, Depicting Breast Cancer Survivors, in Cincinnati April 21-22

In collaboration with the UC Cancer Institute, Charise Isis is bringing herinternationally known Grace project to Cincinnati to inspire audiences locally.


Research Grants Focus on Issues Impacting Breast Cancer Survivors

The annual University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Cancer Survivorship pilotresearch grants were awarded to College of Medicine faculty members Thursday,April 6.


Ophthalmology Team Helps Diagnose, Treat Nurse with Slow-Growing Cancer

Nancy Brown, 54, lives a fairly fast-paced life as a wound care nurse. However,"fast" can't be used to describe her ocular melanoma, which developed after 19years.


Clinical Trial Looks at Targeted Genetic Therapies for Lung Cancer

Researchers at UC are enrolling patients in a clinical trial looking attargeted gene therapies in patients with early stage lung cancer who have hadsurgery.